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LinkedIn: The professional Facebook

Maybe you’ve soiled your name on MySpace or Facebook or perhaps just refuse to support the ever-changing ways of social media. LinkedIn has proven┬áto be something else. LinkedIn is essentially a professional Facebook. I would say it’s the “behind the scenes” networking of businesses, employers and employees. It’s the network that lets you post your resume, recommendations, (work) experiences, education, connections and more business-y stuff. It’s the kind of website that you would only have profile pictures of you in business professional clothing. So how popular is LinkedIn? According to Socialnomics, a new member joins LinkedIn every second, 10% of all college students in the U.S. have an account and its in the top three most popular social media websites. LinkedIn has become essential in making business connections through social media in a professional setting. Through connecting with business partners and employers, it’s a perfect way to either get a job or collaborate with other businesses.

But let’s face it, it’s no Twitter or Facebook. Yeah, it’s expanding, but a lot of people who have it, tend to be distracted by their other social media websites, like Facebook or Twitter, and don’t spend time on LinkedIn. As a business, LinkedIn is not aggressive enough with its promotions and marketability. How exactly is LinkedIn making capital? It hardly has any ads or way to make income yet it has tons of investors and tons of cash. And how many businesses and business people are actually using LinkedIn? Even more, how many even know what it is?

When it comes down to it, LinkedIn is a different kind of social media. It’s much more private, professional and almost dull. But when it comes to connecting with business owners and possible employees/employers, it works fairly well and it lets you advertise yourself to others in a very professional way.