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WikiHow: A Social Medium for your Small Business

Have you ever wondered, “How to?”, or “How to do I?” Well many people, everyday, come across these questions. These questions bothered both Jack Herrick and Josh Hannah, the two top guys over at eHow, so much that they decided to do something about it. They came up with the idea to create a website that was, “The World’s Collaborative How To Manual,” They called their website WikiHow. Since the launch of the domain in 2006, this idea has just taken off; boasting a collection of over 119,725 “How To articles” and growing. There are some great aspects to this site: anyone can post an article, anyone can edit any article, and anyone can access any article for free! There are featured articles, and there are categories for the articles to make finding an article a little easier. If you can’t find the article you want, send a request for an article and anyone can answer your request. The best part of this site, in my opinion, is it also allows business to market themselves through the“How To Manuals.”

At, businesses are able to create either a how to guide, a written tutorial for the services provided by the business, or a “How to Hire” a certain firm. Did I mention that this type of medium is a free way to market your business? Yes, free! The website allows people that have problems to look for an answer and it allows your business to post the solution. Wikihow also has a citation and sources area to show the credibility of the author and article. This is where you can link back to your business’s website, creating possible new clients.

The service areas that are utilizing this social medium are the accounting, tax, law, and investment services. These firms put out articles that tell you how to hire a certain firm, the services provided by the firm, and some quick tips to solving easy problems that people may come across when dealing in law,tax, accounting, or investment areas. Many firms tell readers to look for certain skills when hiring a firm. This is where your firm can tell the reader to look for skills that your business has mastered. Here are some examples of articles posted by a law firm, a tax firm, and a personal investment firm utilizing Wikihow. The law firm submitted a “How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer.” The personal finance firm posted a, “How to Pay Taxes on Freelance Work.” Finally the tax firm wrote a, “How to  File 831B Taxes.”

The article, the law firm submitted, “How to Choose a Criminal Lawyer,” introduces the benefits of hiring a lawyer. Then body of the article covers what to look for when hiring a criminal lawyer, why you should look for certain experiences, what steps are required to when hiring a lawyer, and who and what to avoid when making your selection. Finally in the sources and citation area, to show the creditability of the article, the law firm Gurovich, Berk, and Associates linked  to their website. By posting on WikiHow this law firm gained possible new clients because, the people that are searching for that article most likely are looking for an attorney. Secondly, the firm gained a way to cut out competition by saying who to avoid. Finally the law firm has better chance at picking up a client because the person who read the article can see the free advice, and creditability of the firm.

The next article by the personal investment firm, “How to Pay Taxes on Freelance Work,” is another route that businesses can take. This firm decided to give out a small piece of free advice on personal finance hoping others will see this advice, and want more. If the reader wanted more the link to their site was right in the sources and citations area. By posting this article this firm, like the law firm, gain possible clients that had an interest in services they offer.

Finally, the tax firm followed a similar format as the investment firm, they gave information on how file certain types taxes. The difference was the article had a feeling of uncertainty, that if this type of tax is not filed properly there can be serious implications. The article was hinting at if you become lost get help. That help was at the bottom in the form of a link to a tax service website.

Wikihow is a great way attract to create new potential clients to your web page. Its the perfect meeting area, people with a problems trying to find a solution, and people with answers trying to offer help.  There so many way different way to grab the attention of a new client by posting an article, so be creative. If you have a service business you need an article on WikiHow, let the world know how your business can can help them.