Getting Noticed With Facebook NFO

NFO?  At first it may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but knowing its secrets can help your Facebook content stand out among the 30 billion pieces of information shared monthly.  As much as 90% of your Facebook fans don’t come back to your page once they become a fan!  They actually visit your page usually after reading your content in their own news feed.  So how can you get your updates onto as many news feeds as possible?  Facebook News Feed Optimization (NFO) is the answer.  Facebook uses a specific formula to decide what shows up on a user’s home page.  Based on which pages you interact most with, the actions you take on these pages, and what posts are most recent, Facebook produces a home page specific to you.

Here are some of the best ways to get your content seen and interacted with more:

1.  As the saying goes, “Less is more.”

Everyone has that Facebook friend that you believe never leaves their computer because they post every half hour.  Now with the new privacy settings, you can actually unlike a page or hide posts from particular people.  The #1 reason people do this is to avoid those annoying posts.  You definitely don’t want to be “unliked” because you are considered a nuisance, so post only 2-5 times a day to stay in good graces.

2.  As the saying goes, “Keep it short and sweet.”

That same Facebook friend that posts every half hour usually posts extremely long statuses too.  By now you probably don’t even bother reading them!  Studies show that keeping your status 80 characters or less will lead to more engagement from users.  So keep it simple!

3.  As the saying goes, “Keep things interesting.”

Why do people read gossip magazines?  I’m sure it’s not for the meaningful articles!  The photos are what attract readers to buy these magazines.  For your Facebook posts keep the content interesting.  When a user’s news feed shows up the first thing that will grab their attention is photos, videos, links, and even questions that spark conversation.  Just plain words might get over looked if there are other interesting posts above or below it.

4.  As the saying goes, “There is always an exception to the rule.”

Usually when posting a link on other social networking sites, like twitter, you should stick to short links.  However, on Facebook you will actually get 3 times the engagement if you use full links.

5.  As the saying goes, “Time is of the essence.”

Apparently a lot of people sit on Facebook at work bored to tears.  As a result, the website receives high traffic from about 10am Eastern to 4pm Eastern.  However, there are those who don’t have the opportunity to Facebook at work, so evenings are a good time too!  By posting during one of these high traffic times you will receive more exposure and interaction from fans.

6.  As the saying goes, “TGIF!”

Facebook actually has a happiness index, and to no surprise it spikes about 10% on Fridays.  Thursdays and Fridays have about an 18% higher engagement rate than other days in the week.  So posting on those days will also lead to more exposure and interaction from all those “happy it’s the weekend” followers.

7.  As the saying goes, “Be spontaneous.”

Facebook tends to give a little bit more visibility to those that post manually instead of through a third-party app or automated system.  So by taking just a little bit of time out and posting yourself, your posts will sound more personable, and help you reach more fans at the same time.

So, keep it simple, short, and interesting, take advantage of those happy days and times, and be yourself!  And for more information on how to stand out click here.


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