What Facebook’s Newest Privacy Changes Mean for Your Business

Recently, Facebook announced that their new privacy settings would be taking effect August 25, starting with one percent of their 750 million users. The changes to Facebook’s wildly unpopular approach to user privacy settings is most likely a result of the rise Google+. Because users can easily and accurately control who sees what information, businesses could potentially have a more difficult time trying to connect with users. Here’s a quick summary of how Facebook’s new privacy changes may affect your company:

    • On the upper right corner of the screen, there will be a new drop down menu where users can choose which information to display to the public (Facebook’s new profile redesign looks oddly similar to Google+, hmmm…). While users had this capability before in their setting page, the new drop down menu is more easily and quickly accessible. The new accessibility of this feature could mean more users do not publicly share information that could draw attention to your business (such as check-its, tags, etc.)
    • Users will now be able to tag non-friends in status updates and pictures. This change could actually be beneficial to your business as people who have not taken the time to actually “like” you can tag you in their status, resulting in more exposure for your business.
    • Before posting a status update or picture, you can choose who can see it by choosing either public, friends, or custom. Again, this feature may decrease public exposure to your company if users are only sharing information to a select few.
    • Users can also more easily choose the “View Profile As” button from their profile (which was previously located in Setting) to view and possibly change what content is available to the public.
    • Another potentially beneficial new update is that users can now tag their location (such as your business) in their status updates, whereas it was only previously available via the “Check In” option through Facebook mobile.
    • Now, when tagged in status update by another person, you have the option to approve the tag or reject it. When tagged in a photo, users have the ability to remove the tag, ask the user to take down the photo, or block the user. This is also a beneficial update, as you can monitor who and how your business is tagged, preventing unwanted attention.

While a few of these new features have always been available under the users settings, Facebook is proving that they are ready to finally listen and act upon users’ complaints.  It is likely that businesses will have to adapt how they manager their profiles in order to accommodate the changes in how users protect and share their information. What is certain is that with the emergence of Facebook’s newest competition,  Google+, you can guarantee that these won’t be last of Facebook’s changes. Here’s another great article from Entrepreneur on how these changes are likely to affect your business.


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