The Value of LinkedIn for Social Networking Your Small Business

In today’s business world, social networking is a must. LinkedIn, as the world’s largest professional social network, is perfectly positioned for small businesses. Each day valuable connections are made on LinkedIn that add value to the bottom line. If you and your employees are not using LinkedIn, you may be missing out on some opportunities. LinkedIn can help you get new clients, give your company greater legitimacy in the corporate world, attract new employees, crowdsource solutions from experts in your business for questions your employees may have, and bring in more profits. You and your employees should set up a LinkedIn account that  highlights what you and your employees excel at. This results in clients or customers being able to see what your company can do for them.

Here are some of the best advantages of having a LinkedIn account:

  1. You can get new customers for your business by building online recommendations and word of mouth. Satisfied customers are the best source of new customers. 
  2. Build your industry network—online and in person. Search LinkedIn’s Groups directory to find industry associations and networks to take part in. 
  3. Find answers to tough business questions you don’t know. Wondering whether your recent office purchase is tax deductible? Check out hundreds of questions on related topics here.
  4. Win new business by answering questions in your area of expertise. Use the many forums on LinkedIn to share the knowledge you’ve gained in your area of expertise. 

To see the full list of advantages check out this article by Guy Kawaski, co-founder oat AllTop corporate from his web column on American Express’ OPEN forum blog,


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