4 Tips To Make Your Tweets Stand Out

Twitter is an extremely valuable resource for marketing your business. But  how do you ensure your tweets are read?  NowSourcing recently had a great blog post that included 1o Ways to Make Your Tweets Stand Out, but we narrowed the list down to what we think were the most important. Below are four excellent tips to make your tweets shine.

1. Be Original
Have fun and get creative with your tweets. With approximately 110 million tweets per day, users are bombarded with a large amount of information that can be redundant or boring. Social media is about connecting with people, so be personable and use your own voice when tweeting. This awesome slideshow on CNBC shows how the top ten companies using Twitter are successfully promoting their business and improving customer relations.

2. Be Short
Try to avoid tweeting a short story…with today’s hectic lifestyle users sometimes only have a few seconds to skim tweets so make sure to keeps your tweets concise and to the point. While Twitter does limit  your tweets to 140 characters, your followers are likely to skip over a tweet that is unusually long. Keeping your tweets short also ensures that there is enough room for others to retweet and include their own opinion. Hint-use links! Because 140 characters is such a limited space, you can post a link with your tweet to direct your followers to another web page, article, etc., with more information.

3. Time Your Tweets
Timing your tweets doesn’t mean publishing every fifteen minutes, but rather focusing when you tweet to the times your followers are most active. If you seem to receive the greatest number of replies and retweets during the afternoon, you should be the most active on Twitter that time of day as well. Hint-when tweeting, keep in mind that the Eastern Time Zone is the most populated time zone in the U.S so it is likely you will want to tweet during the times of day these people are most active on Twitter.

4. Provoke Thought
Your tweets should leave your followers thinking and wanting more. People love to be shocked by interesting statistics, so if you can, try to include these in your tweets. Your goal should be to create interest and get your followers talking. A tweet that makes people think will more likely result in a retweet or a reply, exposing your business to a larger pool of potential consumers. Take a look at some of 2010’s most retweeted tweets to see what they did right.

Be sure to keep these tweet tips in mind next time you tweet, but most importantly, have fun! If you are having fun, your tweets will definitely stand out amongst the crowd.


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