QR Code: An Acronym in Need of a Definition

In an effort to continue explaining and defining the various acronyms you may need to understand, today I bring you the QR Code. The acronym is short for quick response code. These two-dimensional bar codes are cropping up all over the place and if you don’t know what they are, you definitely need a quick tutorial. These codes can be scanned on mobile devices and provide the user with a plethora of information. It can link them to a website, social media site, videos, customer reviews, etc. depending on how they are set up and what platform the user is using to read the codes. If you want a more detailed explanation, check here and here.

There was an excellent article yesterday in The Business Insider explaining how to use QR codes to enhance your business. Here are the tips from the article that I think are the five most important: 1) make sure your QR code adds value or offers something special they can’t get from just your website; 2) make sure the site is mobile friendly; 3) provide original content so that you stand out among your competitors; 4) it should be easy to scan; and 5) make sure the links all work before you put it out there.

Also, the Social Media Examiner had an excellent post today about how to use QR codes in conjunction with your Facebook page.

Finally, check out this fun little video I put together.


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