LOL, HAHA, LMAO- Using Humor In Your Social Media Activities

We all have that one friend who says lol after every text (I admit to doing this). And while some people find it terribly annoying, these expressions when used in the proper context, are a reaction to something very important in social media, humor. A Social Media Examiner article reminds us that humor can be a very powerful tool to use in your social media activities. Think about it. When you go on Facebook or Twitter  you want to be informed, but also entertained. Now we can’t be humorous all the time, but here are some tips on how to be both informative and entertaining.

First tip, is don’t afraid to be witty. Be creative with your posts, don’t be afraid to be sarcastic and facetious occasionally. A perfect example is this Geico commercial.  Also don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself once in a while. How can you expect to make other people laugh when you can’t laugh at yourself?

Another tip is to remember that humor is best when it comes naturally, so if you find yourself forcing humor, it may not be very effective. Just let loose and usually a humorous idea or post will come to you. Finally remember to make sure that your humorous content fits your industry or business. Finally, remember to try to avoid crossing a line, as some humor can be taken in an offensive way. It’s probably not a good idea to make any jokes that are similar to this DL Hughley joke. Just be careful with what you post. Unlike seeing lol constantly from your annoying friend, seeing lol as a response to your posts can prove to be a very good thing for your business.


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