Microsoft getting into social networking………?

There are numerous rumors floating around that Microsoft may have something up their sleeve. According to a Tech News World article, these rumors suggest that Microsoft is working on their own social networking platform. This news comes several weeks after Google’s big reveal of Google+.  These rumors were started with an image posted online. It showed a landing page for a service called “Tulalip.” There was a message on the page that said “With Tulalip, you can find what you need and share what you know easier than ever.” The image appeared on the website “,” and the Domain registry lists Microsoft as the owner of the site.

The image is no longer on the website and Microsoft of course is downplaying the whole incident, saying that they accidentally published the image.  Was the publication of this image really an accident? Google+ has been the most talked about social media story for the past several weeks. Would anyone put it past a competitor to try to steal some thunder? While it will take Microsoft a while to create their own social network, do not be surprised if they eventually do.  All we can do is stay tuned.


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