Facebook and Skype Join Forces-Impact on Workplace

Facebook and Skype team up

The world’s most popular website and video software program have joined forces. It was recently announced that Facebook and Skype are teaming up. This means that users on Facebook will now be able to video chat via Skype with their friends. This has obvious benefits to both Facebook and Skype users, but the bigger question is, what will the impact be in the workplace?

You have heard about companies using Skype to interview potential candidates for the position, right? Now, with this technology, there is a good possibility that organizations will be doing this more and more. Facebook is also working towards adding a group chat feature, which will enable organizations to have video conferences with their partners with just a click of a button.  There are 750 million Facebook users, so communicating with colleagues and business partners on the other side of the world via video is now even easier. I mean, who doesn’t have Facebook account these days? Oh, wait…there are still a few out there without a Facebook account.

Yes, there are obvious benefits, but there are some things that organizations need to be wary of. According to the Bnet article,  employees are distracted enough by Facebook already, but now with the ability to video chat, work productivity may decrease even more. Also, what about those poor anti-Facebook users? Or those employees who don’t know anything about Facebook? This is not good news for them. This added feature will either go right over their heads’ or confuse and irritate them even more. If you are going to incorporate this into your organization, they will need to be brought up to speed. So, while this partnership between two social media giants is convenient and beneficial in the workplace, it will certainly bring its share of challenges.


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