FourSquare Helps Small Businesses Grow

CBS News featured a story today about Luke’s Lobster, a small business in the East Village of NYC that was able to grow through the recession by only using social media to advertise. The main social media website that Luke used was FourSquare. We keep saying it here at Seidel Media, but we’ll say it again. Competitive businesses don’t just rely on traditional advertising…not if they want to stay competitive. You HAVE to engage in all forms of social media in order to reach your potential customers and keep your best customers coming back.

Not all businesses will have the cojones to just do social media advertising like Luke’s Lobster but it has to be part of your media plan. Luke’s is a great example of how small local businesses can make a big impact with a small advertising budget.


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I have a master's degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida. My current research focus examines the modern industrial food system from a critical theory perspective.

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