Monthly Archives: June 2011

Is Facebook Going Out of Style?

Is Facebook hitting its saturation point in the U.S. and other early adopter countries? Yes, according to a new report by by Inside Facebook. The report shows that while Facebook is still growing, that growth is happening predominantly in developing countries. In the most developed countries, that were early adopters of Facebook, growth is slowing. In fact, the report shows that Facebook lost approximately 6 million users in May.

However, in an article released by DNA, Facebook denies the accuracy of the report. Facebook is quoted as saying that, ” it had seen a 21 per cent growth for U.S. users during May.”

Ultimately, whether or not Facebook goes the way of the dodo bird, what matters to businesses and customers alike is that social media is here to stay. It is important to make use of all social media that is available to you by having a comprehensive social media strategy as part of your overall marketing efforts.


FourSquare Helps Small Businesses Grow

CBS News featured a story today about Luke’s Lobster, a small business in the East Village of NYC that was able to grow through the recession by only using social media to advertise. The main social media website that Luke used was FourSquare. We keep saying it here at Seidel Media, but we’ll say it again. Competitive businesses don’t just rely on traditional advertising…not if they want to stay competitive. You HAVE to engage in all forms of social media in order to reach your potential customers and keep your best customers coming back.

Not all businesses will have the cojones to just do social media advertising like Luke’s Lobster but it has to be part of your media plan. Luke’s is a great example of how small local businesses can make a big impact with a small advertising budget.

Ad Boxes on Facebook Are Not Enough…In Fact, You Might Call Them a Waste of Money

So, Mintel released a new report with some interesting news…although, its kind of what we’ve been saying all along – yes, we are that smart and now there’s science to back it up. Advertising with ad boxes and banners on social media sites is not enough. In fact users of social media don’t even click on them and may be turned off by them. In order to reach your customers you must…wait for it…interact with them! This means getting them to “like” you and getting their friends to “like” you (Mintel also found that your customers are most influenced by what their friends recommend). Then you have to keep them liking you by giving them valuable content, engaging status updates, and running creative social media campaigns. This is where Seidel Media comes in. We can do this for you. Don’t take my word for it, read the press release for yourself here.